All-Something-Or-The-Other Logarithm


Interesting to learn

There are so many things that one can learn and study. It is interesting to learn things that is different from what you usually read or study. Way not try something else lik read about small valves and see what that is and what function it has.
Things like that can really enriches your knowledge and that is very good. So before you go to the library to borough a book think about what you don't know and see if there is something new that you can learn by readyn another kind of book.

Its good for everyone to know a bit of everything

You will always find yourself in a new situation that that knowledge that you read about now will come at use. So it is never waisted the information that you read and behold.
My husband is really good at reading a little about everything, he likes to have some information about all things. He likes to understand how things work and why it is in a certain way, but I am bit more lazy in that aspect I can be ok with just getting an answer and not knowing what the answer is in a certain way. So we are a bit different in that way.
Yes it is fun that we all are different and that we also learn in different ways. For some the best way to learn is to read it and for others they need to see it in action and tehy what to to it in practice to really be able to understand it. So it is different in that way. And it is good that we all are different it is just important that you find the way that is best for you when you study so that you can learn it all and don't miss it.